‘This Life I Borrow’ and ‘Wrapped up in Furs’ on BandCamp

‘This Life I Borrow’

The above link will take you to our BandCamp site where you can find my two new tracks recorded on the 17th of October, 2017 at STS Recording Studio, Tuscania, Italy: ‘This Life I Borrow’ and ‘Wrapped up in Furs’ (recorded and mixed by Marco Strada).

The artwork for this project (see below) was created by Veronica Palaggi.

Veronica's Keyhole

Carl Stevens; This Life I Borrow


‘Angel with a Nose-ring’ Video Update

This Wednesday, 30th August, we’ll be meeting together to take a first look at the music video for our track ‘Angel with a Nose-ring’. We can’t wait to see how it’s shaping up.

Studio Recording, Tuscania

On Sunday, we spent an afternoon at STS Recording Studio, Tuscania, Lazio – a delightful country-house immersed in the green of the surrounding fields. As previously mentioned, we recorded ‘Angel with a Nose-ring’ and ‘Coco’, and had a great time doing so. (The two tracks are to be included on our next EP album that we are planning to record this summer.) We hope that the product will be ready for the end of this week/the beginning of the next.

‘Angel with a Nose-ring’ and ‘Coco’

The shooting of our first video for one of our new tracks, with film-maker Daniela Wicke, was completed on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, and we don’t believe that the final product is going to be a majorly serious work of art… But art it will be. Thanks again to Daniela and also to Elisa, the wonderful fountain girl.

On Sunday the 28th of May, we are going to nearby Tuscania, Lazio, to record ‘Angel with a Nose-ring’ and another new track: a folk ballad under the title of ‘Coco’. More information to follow regarding both projects!

‘Angel with a Nose-ring’ Video

Today we finished filming the first sections of the video for a live performance of ‘Angel with a Nose-ring’, in the piano studio and in the streets of San Pellegrino, Viterbo. A couple more scenes to do next week and then back to the editing suite!

‘Angel with a Nose-ring’ Music Video

Our next project is to make a video for one of our recent tracks, ‘Angel with a Nose-ring’. We’ll be doing this alongside with film-maker, Daniela Wicke, on the 13th and 20th of May; we hope to have the video ready for June to post on Facebook and our yet-to-be-made YouTube channel.

Post-Production, Orvieto

We completed the post-production work on our first album yesterday (the 19th of March)  at VNL Music Center, Orvieto, Umbria (Italy) (http://www.vnlmusiccenter.it/) and are now doing the final touches. There are 9 tracks, including one short instrumental – namely: ‘Ginger Beer’, ‘Faded Jeans’, ‘Dear Little World’, ‘A Soul of Sand’, ‘Saguaro’, ‘Grapefruit’, ‘Suitcase & Violin’, ‘Two Birds’ and ‘Equal to None’ … All original material.

Back soon with further updates. Thanks once again, Valentino!