‘Angel with a Nose-ring’ Music Video

Our next project is to make a video for one of our recent tracks, ‘Angel with a Nose-ring’. We’ll be doing this alongside with film-maker, Daniela Wicke, on the 13th and 20th of May; we hope to have the video ready for June to post on Facebook and our yet-to-be-made YouTube channel.


BandCamp Website

The Saturn’s Quilt BandCamp website is now up and running – http://www.saturnsquilt.bandcamp.com – from which one can download or listen to our first (eight-track) EP, ‘Saguaro’, recorded on March the 5th, 2017 at VNL Music Center, Orvieto.

Follow the link below to check out the site and releases…


Post-Production, Orvieto

We completed the post-production work on our first album yesterday (the 19th of March)  at VNL Music Center, Orvieto, Umbria (Italy) (http://www.vnlmusiccenter.it/) and are now doing the final touches. There are 9 tracks, including one short instrumental – namely: ‘Ginger Beer’, ‘Faded Jeans’, ‘Dear Little World’, ‘A Soul of Sand’, ‘Saguaro’, ‘Grapefruit’, ‘Suitcase & Violin’, ‘Two Birds’ and ‘Equal to None’ … All original material.

Back soon with further updates. Thanks once again, Valentino!

Studio Recording, Orvieto

Yesterday, the 5th of March, we recorded an eight track album at VNL Music Center, Orvieto, Umbria (Italy). (http://www.vnlmusiccenter.it/.) We will be returning on the 19th of March to collect the master tracks and will then provide more information regarding the album’s content etc. A big thumbs up to the wonderful Valentino who made the day a pleasurable and easy-going experience; we’re looking forward to seeing him again soon!